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Buy. Sell. Consign. by Damien Jannet
Gear Attic Damien Jannet

My vision of sports and adventure is not only about performing, accomplishing and expensive gear.

Gearing up shouldn’t be a barrier! Quality gear deserves a long life. I believe that active communities should have a place and organization to facilitate this process and cycle. Circular economy!

My Story

Sports helped me to be who I am, to educate me and give me values, friends, and memories. In the last 14 years, I have worked in different organizations and businesses in the outdoor sports industry. This experience brings me knowledge and perspective, which I am excited to share with the community!

So here we are, Gear Attic; a consignment sports store here in Powell River, with the goals of keeping good gear going and hopefully increasing accessibility for all.

Hop on!


Gear Attic Damien Jannet

Gear Attic is located on the traditional Lands of the Tla’amin Nation. The heritage of this Indigenous community and their valuable contributions to the richness of the region are recognized, respected, and celebrated within our perspectives and practices.

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